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FORSIXFORYOU bags luxury sculptures in women hands by DAVIDE LOCO DESIGN. We produces luxury bags handmade by outstanding Italian craftsmen. The forsixforyou is advocated of sustainability to protect the earth for future generation. On the other hand, the FORSIXFORYOU realize woman luxury bags with recyclable materials, in full respect of the environment. Our bags will be in a corner on your table at the restaurant, they'll give you your favorite lipstick and your big glasses at the first ray of sunshine, they'll be with you when you meet your friends and they'll be guardians of many of your secrets. The FORSIXFORYOU is your trusted brand of women's accessories and luxury Italian style handbags. The FORSIXFORYOU's details products are essential for us and are chosen and cared for with all our diligence. What we propose is so different from what you are used to seeing. We think innovative women luxury bags based on the search for new materials and innovative design. We have brought the cardboard of vegetable origin outside, important component but hidden up to now in the realization of the bags. We follow an unexplored path to highlight our and your uniqueness. But we are ready to do much more: "Experimenting ways and fashions is our goal." We are thinking outside of the rules. Our business is a continuous search without end. We want to offer precious handbags to all women who will choose our products. Forsixforyou's are exclusive bags for demanding women with original and luxury design. We rely on vegetal cardboard to represent the boldest innovation and an unprecedented design. Nobody had ever dared so much. We pursue this goal by using luxurious and carefully selected leathers to create seductive and unique objects. "When I am creating I think of those who love wear themselves with exquisite things of original design and representative of the soul of the buyers. I give all of my effort, my passion, all my knowledge, my strength into every design: in other words, I give all myself to give life to unique pieces just for you - because you are unique. I CREATE FOR YOUR JOY, I CREATE FOR YOUR PLEASURE"-Davide Loco

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